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In fact, all the fun of Super Balls begins when you learn the secrets of the bonuses, how to get and use them .
On the right side there is a panel with bonuses. Initially, they are hidden, but become active after you get 6 or more balls of the same color in a line.

In order to achieve really good results you need to learn how to make bonuses. Without bonuses all you can achieve is 500-1000 points, with bonuses the results can be several times higher (watch the Top List). The best way to start is to create the biggest bonus.

Obviously, it is not so easy, but you will certainly succeed with a bit of skill and luck. In this example, "DELETE" key deletes all blue balls, and you're ready to create another bonus.

Like on the screen above, putting the selected purple ball in the field with a pointer, you'll get one of the most important bonuses - "Three black balls", which can replace any other ball in any color. For example, when you have a row with four green balls, adding a black ball makes them disappear (except the black one, which can be reused.)

An added violet ball makes all three rows of violet balls disappear, since it creates the required minimum of five balls in each row.

ABOUT THE BONUSES: Random bonus - for 6 balls you'll get a "?" sign, which means that you have a small chance of getting a bonus, if you make six balls in a line once again , you'll get "??" sign and your chances are fifty-fifty. For the next 6 balls you'll get "???" sign and your chances of winning a bounus are very high.

After pressing this bonus you can randomly get one of these:

  • the same bonus
  • "other colors" bonus
  • "two turns" bonus
  • "go back" bonus
  • "color removal" bonus
  • "Ball delete" bonus
  • "score x 3" bonus
  • "Four balls" bonus
  • "Black balls" bonus
  • +100 points
  • +150 points
  • +200 points
  • +250 points
  • +300 points
  • + 500 points
  • points you have plus the points you have x 2 (having 1000 you'll get 3000)
  • points you have plus points randomly chosen (max. what you already have)
  • it deletes vertical lines (a random number of lines)
  • it deletes horizontal lines (a random number of lines)
  • - 100 points
  • - 150 points
  • - 200 points
  • - 250 points
  • - 300 points
  • - 500 points
  • - half of points we have
  • zero points (we get no points)
  • restart
  • We lost all the bounuses we had
  • + 3 balls on the board
  • the game is over in 3 minutes (the next bonus deletes this one)
  • + random number of balls on the board (no more than half of free slots)
  • - random points

As you can see it is statistically more likely to gain than lose.

DELETE - clears the fixed number of balls (shown in a little window) of randomly chosen color on the sides, top and bottom. Number of balls in this window increases for 6 balls in one line.

OTHER COLORS - bonus for 7 balls - after pressing this bonus the colors of three balls will change. You get them on the board as "Next".

2 MOVES - bonus for 8 balls - after pressing this bonus you get two additional turns without new balls to come. UNDO - bonus for 9 balls - pressing this bonus will undo the last move. ERASE - bonus for 10 balls (e.g. 2 raws, 5 balls each) - pressing this bonus will erase all the balls in a color that you can see on the bonus button. Color of the balls is chosen at random.

REMOVE - bonus for 11 balls - after pressing this bonus you can delete one ball on the board (x3 means that you can use this bonus three times, so you can remove even 3 balls). x3 - bonus for 12 balls - bonus starts automatically and runs for three minutes, during which all your pointsare multiplied by three (in addition to points accumulated in random bonus).

4 balls_ 4 BALLS - bonus for 13 balls - bonus starts automatically and runs for one minute, during which you can put only four balls in line (instead of five) to disappear. BLACK - bonus for 14 balls - bonus starts automatically and runs for three minutes, during which you have three black balls on the board. You can replace any other color with them. SUPER BONUS - bonus for 15 balls - all bonuses at one time!